Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doctors, doctors, doctors...

I know it's wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to record a few happenings before I find a picture to post.  I'm leaving early tomorrow for Boston, and I know I won't remember anything.  Grandson Jack's First Communion is Saturday, and I'll be there from Thursday until Monday.  We were together for Easter, then this weekend, then Gulf Shores the end of May.  John and baby Julia are also going to Boston for the First Communion.  It's almost like living in the same town with my kids.

I've been visiting doctors the past couple of weeks.  (I know this is boring stuff, but I kind of use this blog as a record).  I went to my pulmonologist a couple of weeks ago and my lung capacity has improved from 46% to 54%.  He said it's probably because I lost weight and am not carrying around a huge load.  Then I went to my primary care doctor last week and everything was fine.  He acted like he didn't know about my surgery, but I know he was sent reports.  I think he didn't want to admit he totally misdiagnosed it.  He told me to quit losing weight--never thought I'd hear that.  Then yesterday I went to my oncologist, and he said everything looks great.  I asked again about chemotherapy, and he said my chance of recurrence is less than 5% and the chemo could do more harm than good.  I go back every three months for the next two years, and he assured me they were keeping a close eye and that I should call immediately if I have any symptoms.  I didn't really want chemo, but people kept telling me I needed it because it was a very aggressive form of cancer.

Our youngest son Patrick is moving back to St. Louis the end of May.  He moved into a different apartment last summer, and it has been one problem after another.  He's having trouble with his landlord, no heat half the time in the winter and rats in the walls, and the landlord finally agreed to fix things but needs everyone to move out by the end of May.  He said rather than find another apartment in New York he's going to move back to St. Louis. He's been there almost eight years, and though I think he is a good musician, there are hundreds of good musicians in NYC. 

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