Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where am I Going, Where Have I Been?

It's been over a month since I posted.  February started out great, but ended not so great.  We went to Cincinnati on the seventh for Stephanie's second birthday party and Julia's christening.  We had the car packed full; I found a little kitchen for Stephanie that really was not as little as I thought it would be. Wayne had to take it apart to fit it in the Jeep, then reassemble it when we got there.

We were about an hour out of St. Louis when I realized I had forgotten the christening gown.  I had made it for Stephanie but it had a stain on it so I took it home to get the stain out.  So there we were, in Illinois and the traffic going in to St. Louis was backed up at least ten miles--there was a truck on fire in downtown St. Louis.  Needless to say, Wayne was not turning back.  I called our neighbor, who had a key to our house because her daughter was watching the dog, and left a message asking her to unlock the house and I would get a hold of Amy and ask her to overnight the dress to Cincinnati.  I had also made a dress for Stephanie that was with the christening gown.  She called back and said she was not busy and she would send it.  It got there Sat. afternoon; what a relief.

So the weekend went well.  John and Chellie had not gotten married in the church, so their priest said they would have to have their marriage blessed before he could baptize Julia.  So they got married at noon, and afterwards we went to their friends Polly and Bill's for Stephanie's party.  On Sunday we went to a nice restaurant for brunch, and had the christening at 1:30.  It was really a fun weekend; Kate and her two came in from Boston because she was the godmother, so it was fun seeing them again, too.

The rest of February to follow in the next post.

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