Monday, March 24, 2014

All's Well that Ends Well

I finished off my last post after our trip to Cincinnati and mentioned the rest of the month was not so good.  I had gone to my primary care doctor the middle of January and since I had lost so much weight and was having some stomach problems, and he ordered a bunch of tests and had me make an appointment with a gastroenterologist.  Meanwhile I had an appointment with my gyn. for my yearly appointment.  When I went to her she ended up leaving for a delivery and so I made an appointment for a few weeks later.  

Then I went to the gastroent. and he ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy.  I went back to my gyn. on the 13th, and right away she felt a large tumor in my pelvis.  I went and had an ultrasound the next day and they found a mass the size of a five-month fetus.  She told me I could be relieved I did not have to have another colonoscopy and endoscopy.  She recommended an oncologist, but it took me two weeks to get in to see him.  He scheduled surgery for St. Patrick's day, so I had to wait a couple of more weeks.  I had the surgery last Monday, and they removed a tumor the size of a football and did a complete hysterectomy.  He did not see any malignant cells outside the tumor, but he took some lymph nodes and tissue to test, because the tumor itself had cancer cells inside it.  I was glad to have the tumor removed but still pretty worried whether the cancer had spread.  As I was being discharged Friday, the doctors came in and told me they had gotten the lab reports back and there was no sign of spread.  Now I can plan the rest of my life.

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