Thursday, August 29, 2013


It seems like I've been busier these past three weeks than when I worked full time.  I'm only working 24 hours a week, but I'm doing 40 hours worth of work in 24 hours.  I'm coming home exhausted.  I'm not working tomorrow so I have a four-day weekend.

Last week was the worst.  The first week of the semester is crazy, and we had two grandkids's birthdays, Erin and Michael's, son Patrick's birthday and two sisters, Julie and Kay, on Sunday.  We had a baby shower for my nephew and his wife on Friday evening and a fancy aunt luncheon 

I think our addition is about two weeks away from being finished.  I ast took pictures last week but they've done so much more this week.  The cabinets are all installed and today the granite counters were installed.  The bath tub is hooked up and the shower installed; they just need to hook up the toilet. The deck is on the front porch and are working on the railings.  It looks great.  I will take pictures this weekend.  Our refrigerator, dishwasher and one of the stoves are here; the smaller oven and microwave are on back order.  The butcher block top for the island is still being made, so the kitchen will probably be the last thing finished.  We've been without a kitchen for about a month and eating frozen things we can fix in the microwave (which is in our family room along with our old refrigerator).  It will be good to have a working kitchen again.

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