Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We're moving along on our kitchen/bedroom addition.  The architect came a couple of weeks ago and we told him what we wanted, then he came back last week and measured the whole house.  He said the most difficult part is putting a one-story addition on a two-story house and making it look like it was not an addition.  He is doing the preliminary drawings now.

2.  Last Thursday was RW's Birthday.  Now we are the same age for three months.  We went out to dinner with Amy and Dave and the kids to celebrate on Friday evening.

3.  I couldn't eat much at dinner, because I had a colonoscopy that morning.  The worse part of that was the preparation, and the nurse trying to get the I.V. in my hand.  She would get the needle in a vein then it would collapse and she would dig around and try to get it.  After the third time sticking my hand she said she thought I was dehydrated and called in someone else to do it.  Of course I was dehydrated after eating no solids for 24 hours and taking all kinds of gross stuff to empty me out.  The phlebotomist stuck it in my arm and got it the first time.  My hand is all purple and yellow.  It ended up that I had polyps which the dr. will biopsy.  He told me I really need to go on a high fiber low fat diet.  I guess I better do that.  I'm getting tired of going to doctors and finding out my health issues are caused by my weight. 

4.  We went looking at kitchens on Saturday.  Our new kitchen will be 13 X 30, long and narrow.  RW and I are arguing over an island.  He says the room will be too narrow, but I've seen islands as narrow as 26 inches.  I'm sure I'll win in the long run.  I like a little bit from each of the kitchens below--white, glass front cabinets, farm-house sink, small red island with butcher block top, touches of blue.  RW wants a white tile floor, and I prefer wood, but I'll let him have his way on that because I'm making most of the decisions.




5.  We spent a lot of time this past weekend digging up plants, flowers and bushes, preparing for the addition.  RW is afraid the ground will freeze and we won't be able to get them out later.  I'm sectioning of an area in the back of the yard and going to make a children's garden.  The grand kids love to plant and water stuff, so I'll let that be their garden.

6.  My mother in law is not doing well at all in the nursing home.  They transferred her from the apartment to skilled nursing about three weeks ago.  Now she just wants to die.  She woke up Sunday and kept complaining that her hip hurt, so they took her to the hospital and called RW.  He went out there about 8 in the morning and didn't get home until after 4.  They admitted her.  They couldn't find anything causing the pain but she did have a kidney infection and they want to moniter her.

7.  RW's brother and sister are coming in from out of town this weekend, and the two of them and the brother that lives here in town and RW are going to go out to her apartment and divide things up.  They decided they would go without spouses, and that is great by me.  Apparently she had a sort of will where she had her jewelry appraised and divided up amongst the four of us, and RW's lawyer brother said there is going to be trouble because the sister is not getting everything she wants.  I'm so glad I won't be there this weekend.

8.  I got the invitations out for my niece's shower.  They turned out pretty cute.  We're having the shower on the 29th of December.  We'll just have horderves because we'll have around 30 people and my house is not big enough to seat everyone.  Next year it will be.  Yipee!

9.  I forgot to mention we will also have a wrap around porch that wraps on the side with the new bedroom.  The part by the bedroom will be screened in, and we'll have french doors off the bedroom onto the porch.  The architect said we might have a problem with city hall because they won't let a porch go any closer to the street than other houses on the block, but our current porch is six foot wide and we want at least eight foot.  I've got lots of pictures of porches saved on Pinterest, but I'll save them for next week because I think I've already added enough pictures.

10.  We are in the last week of the semester at school.  My how time flies when you're having fun!  I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping on-line.  I've just about got the grand kids finished.  Oldest grand daughter's birthday is Dec. 21, so I need to get her some more gifts.  Also I have two sisters who have birthdays this month, and another sister is having the Fancy Aunt Lunch on the 16th, so I need to get their gifts also.  I haven't even gone into a store or mall, but I'll have to so I can get some gift certificates. I might make RW do that.

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