Friday, December 14, 2012

It's December already?

Can't believe we're half way through December already.  It's been busy at work, getting recommendations from professors and  recruiting tutors for next semester, holding our End of Semester Pizza Party, doing attendance statistics for our semester report, etc.  I finally got the shower invitations and my Christmas cards out this week.  Then this week we also went out to my mother in law's to finish cleaning out her apartment.  She is not doing well at all; she's been hospitalized twice in the past two weeks for dehydration.  She won't eat or drink anything and has gotten too weak to even get out of bed.

Now I just want to decorate my house and shop and plan for Christmas, not to have to be bothered with work.  I took off today and almost finished up my decorating, but once we heard of the shootings in CT we were kind of glued to the T.V.  I don't know when our country is going to wake up and outlaw guns.  It's just happening more and more frequently.  My daughter from Boston called this evening and told me that a little boy who sits next to Corinne was expelled from school today because he had a loaded gun in his back pack; they are fourth graders.  I don't know what she's going to do.  Corinne is in a public school for the first time this year, in an advanced placement class. 

Here are some pictures of our decorations, though they aren't too good because I just took them in a hurry this evening: 

I'll take some better pictures this weekend.  I need to get to bed because I'm going to my youngest grandson's basketball game at 8 tomorrow morning.  It should be fun watching a bunch of five year olds running all over the court.

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