Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Warning...Picture Overload
Standing on the steps of the deck, waiting for the Easter Bunny.  Every year I make them stand on the steps and pose for a picture before they can hunt for eggs.

Grandson Jack and Granddaughter, Erin.
My great niece, Ellie.

Seven of my eight grandchildren--the oldest, Katie, was upstairs getting dressed as the Easter bunny.
Abbey and Corinne, cousins and best friends,  in the dresses I made them.
My great niece, Molly.
Granddaughter Katie dressed as Easter Bunny hunting for eggs.
Baby Stephanie stopping for a bottle.
Nephew Jack checking out his loot.
My oldest daughters' three children, Sara, Michael and Katie.
My great niece, Lila.
Stopping to compare their baskets.
Niece and nephew, Cece and Teddy.
Brother in law, Dave, with his granddaughter and my great niece, Marin.

Out of town grandkids--Stephanie from Cincinnati and Jack and Corinne from Boston.
My daughter, daughter in law, son and their daughter.

Jack and Corinne hunting for eggs Easter morning.
Waiting for guests to arrive.

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