Thursday, January 5, 2012

Attic Remodel

On another blog I found recently, Coastal Charm, they asked for people to put a link to any house renovations, garage sale/thrift store finds, anything to do with decorating on a budget.  So, I'm putting some pictures of our play room we (I say we, but really my husband did the work--I just told him what to do) made for the grand kids last year.  Here are some pictures:

The room when we started.  The attic is approximately 15 by 34, so we made the front half of it into the playroom, which is about 15 by 17.

The windows--aren't they disgusting?

The view of the playroom when you walk up the steps.  I found the rug on CraigsList; it's from the Company Store.  I also found the train table on CraigsList and have been collecting Thomas trains from garage sales for a few years.

The front of the room--we did hire someone to put in the new windows, as we needed new windows in other rooms of our house.  I found the little table and chairs at a thrift store.
I made the bags for different toys, blocks, ponies, little people, hot wheels, marble works, play dishes and food, etc.  I  decided no electronics up there.  I also made the cushion for the wicker love seat out of the same fabric.  One of my younger sisters gave me the shelves, and I found the old fashioned toys at garage sales.
This area is for dolls and doll clothes and furniture, and  book shelves on the left.
This is the view towards the steps; we put the gate there so we could move furniture up there because the steps are very narrow.
Son and granddaughters playing.
Oldest granddaughter taking a break.
Doing puzzles.
I found these decals on Etsy--these are on the wall as you come up the steps.
This is over the windows at the front of the room.  My husband was a little upset that it just said Grandma's house, but that was the way it came.
     Son and his girls making funny faces.

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