Friday, November 20, 2015

Into November

We had a busy couple of weeks with Halloween and going to Cincinnati the first weekend of November.  John and Chellie came in for Halloween and it was fun having them here.  It rained that evening but it wasn't too cold so it turned out alright.  Rob and the girls came here to trick or treat and Jenny and Audriana came shortly thereafter.  Then Amy and Dave came a little later with Sara and Michael.  We probably had about one hundred trick or treaters here.  My sister who lives a few blocks from here had about 500.

The first weekend of November we went to Cincinnati for Grandparent's Day at the girl's school.  We took turns going to each of their rooms.  It's a really nice facility.  I think the girls both enjoy it there.  After school, we met Bill and Polly at Steak n Shake then came back to the house for cake to celebrate Polly's 70th birthday.


They'll be in St. Louis again for Thanksgiving next week.  Kate and the kids are also coming into town, so all of the grand kids will be here.  We'll have 20 for dinner here, with our family and Wayne's brother Jeff and his wife Judith.  Then we go to my sister Libby's for dessert.  It's always so much fun to see everyone on holidays.  It will be good that Kate will get to see everyone since she won't be here for Christmas.

My class is going better, but I'm ready for it to be over.  The one student who was giving me such a hard time didn't show up for five classes and I hoped she had dropped.  Then last week when I walked up the hall to my classroom I saw to campus police officers sitting outside my classroom.  They asked about that student and said they needed to talk to her.  She showed up about half an hour after class had started and I got a hold of the police officer.  Apparently, she had cursed out a math teacher that morning because she did not like her grade on a  test.  She had to meet with the academic V.P. before she could go back to any classes.  She showed up the next class and was a perfect angel this week.  She knows she's on thin ice.

I've been selling a lot of stuff on the Webster Swap.  I'm trying to get rid of a lot of toys in the playroom so the kids have room to play up there.  I'm also getting rid of some dish wear type stuff because I have too much.  I usually turn around and spend any money I make buying from others on the Swap.  It's lots of fun.  I've done a little Christmas shopping, but most of the grand kids just want gift cards, except for the two little ones.  And we just give our own children checks, so I don't have to do so much shopping anymore. 

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