Thursday, December 18, 2014

December So Far (in pictures)

I went to Cincinnati the first week in Dec., and had a great time with the little girls.  They are so cute and so much fun.  We mostly hung out at the house, and one day we went out with Polly, their stand-in Cincinnati grandmother.  We did go to the mall on Saturday to visit Santa.  Here are a few pictures:

When I got home I spent the next week decorating.  I must admit, I do go a bit overboard with my Christmas decorations.  Being retired, I have more time to work on it so I got out just about everything; Patrick called yesterday to see if I had any left over decorations he could use for his apartment, but I didn't have much.  Here are a few pictures, though they didn't turn out very good:

We also watched the last season of Breaking Bad last week.  It was so good; I'm sorry we finished it.  Then last Thursday evening we went to the Botanical Garden for the "Garden Glow."  It was beautiful.  Again I took pictures which did not turn out too well--the best ones were inside Henry Shaw's house:

My pictures really do not it do it justice--it was gorgeous.  If you are in St. Louis and have a chance, you really should go see it.

On Sunday my sister Patty had the "Fancy Aunt Lunch" for two of my sisters, Lorie who's birthday was on the 14th and Nan's who's was on the 17th.  It was fun seeing everyone and the food was delicious.  Patty makes a chicken/crescent roll which is so good, and Stephanie made a tasty asparagus dish and there were wonderful desserts.  I wish I had some now.

Yesterday I had three friends from work over for lunch.  We had a great time, and we sat and talked for almost three hours.  I made quiche Lorraine and spinach quiche, Dillard's jello, salad and rolls, and for dessert I had Christmas cookies and banana bread, and I made this new type of cookie/candy.  It was made of pretzels, covered with a caramel sauce, then covered with melted chocolate chips and sprinkled with sea salt.  It was so delicious!  All this writing about food is making me hungry.  December will be continued...

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