Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ordinary Days

I haven't posted since I went to Boston for Jack's First Communion.  It was very nice, but I must admit it's more exciting with little girls.  All of the boys wore white suits--that's the tradition in South Boston.  It seemed very odd to me three years ago when Corinne made hers, but this time I was kind of used to it.  Kate and her next door neighbor rented the same place as they did three years ago, since they both have kids three years apart.  It was kind of funny, though, because towards the end of the Mass Kate's neighbor, Katie, came and told Kate that the party place had been double booked.  She had gotten a call from the caterers telling her that there were two caterers there arguing over the hall.  As it ended up, the other party was one of Jack's best friend's family, so they combined the two.  Jack was thrilled because he's usually surrounded by girls.  He kept thanking Kate for having the party with his friend Michael.  John came from Cincinnati with his baby, Julia, and my sister, Susie, came for the party.  It was so nice having some family there, especially for Kate.  I came home with UTI and have been on medication since then.

I think I've mentioned it before, but our yard is exploding with flowers.  I love it.  Our tulips in front of the new porch turned out really nice, and they have just started dying.  I planted lots of day lilies where they were this past weekend.  Our azaleas bloomed and the peonies have started blooming.  I love the peonies the best.  This week has been quiet.  I'm having book club here Thursday night and looking forward to that.  We read The Light Between the Oceans.  I'm anxious to see what everyone thought of it.

We go on vacation a week from Saturday.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I tried not to go crazy this year buying stuff for the grand kids.  I know I mentioned that the oldest, Katie, refuses to wear the things I buy.  I think the main reason is she doesn't want to look like her little sister, Sara.  We're staying in the same house as last year, so since Patrick is not coming we'll have more room than we need.  It has ten bedrooms and last year John and Chellie did not come but this year we thought everyone would be there.  With Patrick moving back to St. Louis that week he cannot manage it. 

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