Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

I think, since I haven't done this for awhile, I finally have ten things to write about.  I actually started this post on Tuesday, but now it's Saturday.

1.  We finally had the builder come to talk about our addition the night before we left for Cincinnati.  He gave us the name of his architect and the architect is coming next Monday.  I had thought we would go abour 12 feet out from the house, but RW wants to go 18 to 20.  That's fine with me--usually I have to talk him in to anything that costs money. 

2.  Grandson Michael spent the night last Friday.  His big sisters, Katie and Sara, participated in Girls on the Run and their final run was a 5K downtown.  Each girl had to have a parent run with them, so both Amy and Dave went.  We had a really good time with Michael.  He's such a happy little fellow.  I was on the computer and he was talking to himself and moving all around playing with animals and pillows.  I asked what he was doing, and he said, "I'm playing with my imagination.  Don't you know little boys have imaginations, grandma?" Last week after their cleaning lady had come and made his bed he was upset that she put his Fredbird next to Tyrannosaurus Rex, telling his mom, "They fight all of the time.  We can not put them next to each other."

3.  RW had to put his mother in the nursing home last Thursday.  He took her to the Dr. on Wed. and Friendship Village, where she had a apartment, insisted on moving her into the "health center" the next day.  It was pretty hard on RW because his mother was very angry.  They lied to her and said she was just going to the health center temporarily to get some physical therapy and to regulate her medicine, but she'll never move back to her apartment.  We all wanted a private room for her, but none were available yet, so she has a room mate.  She's a little better this week; in fact she told my sister in law yesterday that she might just stay where she is because her room mate needs her to take care of her.  I think that will help her a lot, to feel needed.

4.  We had a fancy aunt lunch on Sunday for my niece Clare and sister in law Didi.  It's always fun getting together and my sister Kay made a delicious casserole for lunch.  Another sister just let us know she will have a fancy aunt lunch next month for my sisters Lorie and Nancy. 

5.  I'm planning a baby shower for my niece who is having a little girl the end of March.  Another niece is going in on the shower with me.  I thought we would have it at my house, but the one having the baby wants to invite five friends in addition to our family, which is over twenty people.  I'm thinking about asking the minister of the church next door if we could use some space there.  We're having it the Sat. after Christmas, so almost everyone will be in town.

6.  RW's older sister was in town and stayed with us from Sunday until Wednesday.  She came to get her mother's apartment cleaned out, at least the closets.  It was great because my husband just has one brother here in town who works out of town, so RW has to do so much for his mother.

7.  I went to the pulmonologist this week and my lung capacity has gotten better.  I think it was at 48% capacity last year and this year it was at 56%.  When I first went a couple of years ago he told me I would never get any function back, but hopefully we could stop the progression with medication.  Unfortunately, I had not lost any weight in the past six months, and he told me I needed to start working on that again.  At least I didn't gain back any of the weight I had lost.

8.  On Monday evening we were sitting here in our family room talking with RW's sister, and we kept hearing sirens.  I looked out the window and saw lights flashing everywhere.  The house about three doors up was on fire.  They were not home and the fire was coming out of the back of the house.  There were six fire trucks, though I don't think they needed all of them.  It was awful watching them breaking the windows and see the black smoke pouring out.  We learned later that they were having a new roof put on, and the roofers were using a blow torch on the back porch roof, and they think a spark must have ignited the roof.  Luckily the neighbors behind them saw the flames and called 911.  I heard the damage was confined to the attic and one room upstairs, but the whole house had smoke damage.

9. Granddaughter Corinne had her Feis in Rhode Island last weekend.  She did not win any ribbons, but I think they had a good time anyway.  She is in a more advanced level now and the competition is much stiffer. 

10.  We had a nice Thanksgiving.  We only had 12 people at our house, since none of our out-of-town kids came in.  They will all be here for Christmas.  I went to take a few pictures and the battery on my phone camera was worn down.  We went to my youngest sister's for dessert, but I was pretty tired so I didn't stay long.  It was really nice seeing all of the little ones.

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