Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Older

I had a birthday yesterday and I'm sixty two.  Wow.  That sounds old.  I remember when the Beatles song "When I'm Sixty Four" came out and I thought I would not even be getting around by the time I was sixty four.  Hmmm.

I had a great birthday, thanks to my family and friends.  My work friends made me a wonderful lunch, with fettucini alfredo with chicken, appetizers, and a strawberry whip cream angel food cake.  Then today, one of my sisters had a "Fancy Aunt Lunch" for me and my baby sister.  She will be forty five on Valentines Day.  I have seven sisters, and four sister in laws, and lots of nieces and nieces in law.  When my mom was alive she used to have everyone over for ice cream and cake on his/her birthday, but after she died in '93 we started celebrating with one another.  Often we go to someone's house, and we use our good china and silver, thus my son in law named it the "Fancy Aunt Lunch."  We come up with a birthday list ahead of time, usually things we would not go out and buy for ourselves, and it's really a fun celebration.  We usually combine two or three birthdays, i.e. my daughter was born on April 14 and so was my sister's daughter, so we celebrate their birthdays together.  Sometimes, if it is a busy time of year, we go out to a restaurant.  It makes getting older less painful, though I can't say I really mind getting older. 

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